John Deere Day Movies on DVD

In 1986, the Two-Cylinder Club began what was to become a seven-year effort to round up as many John Deere Day film reels as could be located and purchased. From 1987 through 1992, the films with the best visual and sound quality were transferred onto one-inch Beta format, and from them VHS masters were created. With the approval of Deere & Company, the VHS videos were made available through Two-Cylinder for several years. Then, in the mid-1990s, Trademark Administration was formed within Deere and the process was reviewed. As a result, Two-Cylinder was granted permission to carry on with the videos, as well as convert over to DVD format whenever we saw fit to do so.

The mostly single-subject VHS tapes, at that time, had already begun to lose favor to the emerging DVD technology, but the rather expensive changeover to DVDs had to be put on hold for several years. At least, so far, the effort had accomplished our goal of putting the visual information and entertainment into the hands and homes of those who realized its educational and historic value.

When the movies were put on DVD a few years ago, the advantages of that format were immediately apparent. Far more film footage was able to be presented on the DVDs, making them a bargain for the buyer. Even though the small quantities being produced would be laughable to the entertainment industry, we were able to hold prices in line and comparable with first-run DVDs of Hollywood movies. In addition, Deere had by then supplied us with several more films, which were of the New Generation, so the selection of movies increased considerably.

Today we believe there is more entertaining and informational video footage available for vintage John Deere Tractors & Equipment than for any other brand, and at a much lower price. Take time to look through the listing; there may be something that is of interest to you!

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