Digital Issues

Two-Cylinder magazine took root in 1985, the first three years in the form of an expanded newsletter. It was transformed into a magazine in 1988, over 30 years ago, originally presented in landscape format to best display the photography for which it has become well known.

After receiving several awards for publishing and printing excellence, we were essentially forced into changing over to the more common portrait format of other publications. The primary reason for this was difficulty in handling the wider magazine by the USPS.

Extensive research has been a major key regarding the difference between Two-Cylinder and other vintage agricultural product publications. We take nothing for granted, and rely heavily on irrefutable documentation before making conclusive statements. The value of vintage John Deere products, whether intrinsic or sentimental, serves as our guide in this highly responsible endeavor.

For the past several years, magazine publishing has been on a decline. Several of the great magazines that were with us during the ‘40s, ‘50s, and ‘60s are gone. We’re coming around to our fourth decade, and have every intention of being with you throughout the foreseeable future.

Along with that promise of being here for you in the future, we will also do so on your terms. Most of our readers prefer having a printed quality magazine in their hands, but an increasing number have been asking for the convenience and mobility of a digital issue of the magazine in “electronic” format. Therefore, a digital version of Two-Cylinder magazine is being offered here, for those who wish to enjoy all of our top-notch information on their personal electronic devices (smart phones, pads, notebooks, laptops, and home computers).

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