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4000 Low-Profile Tractor
June 7, 2013
July – August 2018
August 17, 2018


Thorough, accurate research. Certified and officially notarized by the Two-Cylinder Club. Presented on brilliant white, acid-free archival stock, shipped flat and fully suitable for framing.

Important Ordering Guidelines

If you wish to order more than 25 Serial Number searches,
please call us at: 1-888-7TC-CLUB


Important Ordering Guidelines Archives and History

If you wish to order more than 25 Serial Number searches, please call us at: 1-888-7TC-CLUB

Thorough, accurate research. Certified and officially notarized by the Two-Cylinder Club. Presented on brilliant white, acid-free archival stock, shipped flat and fully suitable for framing.

Production information on most models of John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors is available at $35 for each research. The information will be supplied on a personalized document especially created for this purpose.

Documents will be sent flat (non-folded). The charge for shipping is $9.00 per order which includes Priority Mailing, a reinforced package (includes air mail to Canada and all other locations), and delivery confirmation. Several documents can be mailed together in the same package at no additional mailing charge. Processing time is between six to eight weeks.

Production information is available for nearly all vintage John Deere Tractors, from the Waterloo Boy through Generation II. There are some exceptions, as no production information is known to exist for Model “L” Tractors prior to serial number 625000, or for the Model “62” and Model “Y” Tractors. There also are no records for Model “M” Tractors prior to serial number 52542, for Model “W” Power Units after serial number 5289, or for Model “840” Tractors after serial number 8400848. And, regarding New Generation Tractors, the entire alpha-numeric serial number (not just the numerical sequence) must be provided to assure complete and accurate research.

We believe it is important that the requester tell us as much about their tractor(s) as possible. Some of the later models do not have full descriptions in the records. For example, all 4620s are shown in the Serial Number Register as row-crop tractors, even though some were built as Standards. Without full information from the owner, it will show on the Official Document as a row-crop tractor. There are many such examples throughout the John Deere line, but especially so with some tractors built after 1960. Please take the time to fully describe your tractor when requesting research.

The production information available varies considerably from model to model, and sometimes from tractor to tractor within a given model. For example, shipping destinations are not available for any tractors built at the Dubuque Tractor Works, specific shipping destinations (other than the Branch House Territory) are sometimes not available for Waterloo-built tractors, optional equipment is typically not available for most Waterloo tractors built in the 1950s (and is inconsistently available for earlier tractors), and a “build” date is not necessarily the date a tractor was built as much as it is the date that the tractor was entered into inventory.

Serial Number Research may be requested by mail, E-mail, website order, or phone at the addresses and phone numbers shown below. Please remember, payment information (including shipping) must accompany each serial number order.

Models available on electronic files
First Numbered Series
“20” Series
“30” Series
Lettered Series Tractors



A” (Unstyled)

“B” (Unstyled)



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Update on Serial Number Requests

As you already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed normal daily living into somewhat of a challenge. Businesses have closed, or are limited to restricted hours with 50% (or less) seating capacities. Most social events have either been cancelled or indefinitely postponed. Financial institutions are closed to the public, with personal service available only through drive-up lanes. In-store shopping is not recommended, while curb-side delivery is now becoming the norm.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also crept into Two-Cylinder’s ability to access the Serial Number Registers which are housed in the John Deere Archives at East Moline, Illinois. Requests as far back as March have not been able to be researched but are ready for processing once we are given access. To date, it is still undetermined as to when the Archives will reopen and staff return to assigned work locations. We have a very strong belief that the Registers may not be able to be accessed until sometime around March 2021. So, with that being said, anyone who wishes to cancel their order may do so now. However, all requests will eventually be processed in the order in which they are received, so if you decide to cancel your original order and then re-place an order later on, all other prior requests will be handled first. In other words, you go to the back of the line. Also, please bear in mind that if your order/request contains any models that can be researched via electronic database along with those that require the Moline trip, your order will be delayed unless you elect to pay a separate shipping charge of $9.00.

We are disappointed that we are not able to serve you in a timely manner, but please be assured that we will make every effort to get your completed requests to you in an expedited manner. We also need to realize that permission to research these production records is a privilege and not a right, and that we should all be thankful to those individuals at John Deere for having the foresight of maintaining such records for future generations. Thank you for your continuing patience.

Only tractors that Two-Cylinder can research in-house will be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. Please refer to (Tractor Serial Number Research — Models Available On Electronic Files) for the listing of tractors we can process in-house, or call the Club office at 1 319 824-6060 if you have any questions.