John Deere Day DVD #1

“20” Series Sales Information Book
June 7, 2013
4000 Low-Profile Tractor
June 7, 2013


Five Films
The Inland Empire at Harvest Time
Des Moines and John Deere
March of Harvest Time
Oddities in Farming
Industrial Tractors and Jobbed Equipment

Five Films: Approximately One hour, 22 minutes

The Inland Empire at Harvest Time —1961. Approx. 20 minutes. COLOR. Wheat harvest in the Pacific Northwest with Hillside Combines.
Des Moines and John Deere — Late 1950s. Approx. 20 minutes. COLOR A tour of the Des Moines Works and field footage with Two-Cylinder “20” Series Tractors.
March of Harvest Time — 1953. Approx. 12 minutes. COLOR. Features John Deere combines in action.
Oddities in Farming — Late 1953. Approx. 11 minutes. COLOR. Unusual farming operations with John Deere Tractors in Action.
Industrial Tractors and Jobbed Equipment — Late 1958. Approx. 19 minutes. COLOR. Excellent film with inside information. Footage on the John Deere-Holt Forklift, logging, etc.


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