Scale-Model Toys

The first Two-Cylinder Expo was held at Waterloo, Iowa, 1987, and its theme was the 150th Anniversary Celebration of the company that began with the creation of the first successful steel plow by John Deere. The event was limited to 175 restored Two-Cylinder Tractors, no two of the same model and configuration.

In 1990, the Two-Cylinder Club held an encore event, also at Waterloo, this time opening up to over 400 restored tractors. The introduction of a show toy — a 1:16 scale “720” Hi-Crop by ERTL — was an exciting addition to Expo II. Since then, an annual toy has become a tradition that is appreciated by many collectors.

The special-run toys by ERTL for the Two-Cylinder Club are always on the leading edge of quality and detail for an authentic, truly enjoyable product. They can be readily handled, and even played with if desired by those age 14 and older, yet have detail and features that rival the costliest precision replicas.

The exclusive toys for the Two-Cylinder Club are typically replicas of scarce and rare vintage tractors that were manufactured by John Deere in very small numbers, compared to the popular varieties of row-crop tractors. For example, just 50 of the 1972-only 4000 Low-Profile Tractor, offered as the toy of 2018, were built; and the “435” Diesel Tractor toy which was delivered in 2020 was built for less than eleven months spanning the 1959 and 1960 model years.