Display Ad Rates

1/8 Page (Horizontal) – 3.665" wide x 2.388" high
(Excellent for oversize reproduction of business card, etc.)
1/8 Page (Vertical) – 2.388" wide x 3.65" high $100.00
1/4 Page – 3.66" wide x 4.918" high $200.00
1/3 Page – (Horizontal) 7.5" wide x 3.647" high $275.00
1/3 Page – (Vertical) 3.66" wide x 6.614" high $275.00
1/2 Page (Horizontal) – 7.5" wide x 4.9" high $400.00
1/2 Page (Vertical) – 3.65" wide x 10" high $400.00
2/3 Page – 7.5" wide x 6.597" high $550.00
Full Page (Bordered) – 7.5" wide x 10" high
(Maximum dimensions if bordered. Full page ad may be any actual size from bleed [run-off] on down, as customer desires.)
Full Page (Bleed) – 8.5" wide x 11" high $800.00
Inside Front/Back Cover Call

Advertisers or the advertisers’ agencies assume full responsibility for all advertising content, including text, representation, and illustrations. This liability includes any claim made against the publication because of the advertising content. Two-Cylinder reserves the right to reject any advertising it considers to conflict with the goals and mission of the Club and magazine.

Payment is due when advertising is placed. A fee of 1.5% per month will be added to overdue accounts.

You may not cancel orders for advertising after the ad deadline date.

All advertising is subject to approval.

Payment must accompany ad.

Classified Ad Rates

The rate for basic classified ads is 50¢ per word — $7.00 minimum
Ads are limited to John Deere items and related products.

Phone ads are no longer being accepted. Please refer to the instructions below for placing Classifed Ads

  • Send your ad in the mail, by fax, or by Email. When sending your ad, print clearly. Do not abbreviate, as we do not charge more for complete words. Words, numbers, or anything separated by spaces is considered to be a word. Hyphenated words such as two-cylinder or 4-bottom are considered to be two words.
  • Even if you’re not using your complete name and address in your ad, please supply it and your phone number so we can get in contact with you if necessary.
  • Payment (credit card, personal check, or money order) must accompany any mailed-in classified ad. Please call the Club office at 1-319-824-6060 to provide credit card information for Emailed or faxed ads. Two-Cylinder is not responsible for contacting the advertiser for payment. Overpayments will be returned or credited — your choice.
  • Minimum charge of $7.00.
  • Tearsheets or checking issues are not provided. If ad proof is desired, it must be requested at the time of ad placement. A PDF will be Emailed to the address specified.

Free “Wanted” Ads

Two-Cylinder Club members may place a “Wanted” Ad in the Classified Ad section of Two-Cylinder magazine at no charge. The ad may request specific parts, tractors, implements, or even assistance for a project.

Advertising Email

For any advertisement based inquiries email us here:

Bordered Classified Ads

Flat fee of $30.00 per column inch • Fractional inches are prorated
No extra charge for layout and typesetting or color enhancement. Payment must accompany ad.

The $29.95 Photo Ad

It's an ad that's available now! For just $29.95, Two-Cylinder Club® Members* may place a Classified Ad with a PHOTOGRAPH of the John Deere Tractor or Implement they wish to sell. This price includes your reasonable-length (maximum 60 word) description, which includes your product information, name, address (if desired), and contact information. Please do not abbreviate words in your description of the tractor, implement, or products. A second photo may be included for an additional cost of $10. Please turn to the Inside Back Cover of Two-Cylinder magazine to refer to the Advertising Rate Schedule for other types of ads.

*Two-Cylinder Club Members include their immediate family.
Photo ad is available to non-members for $39.95.

Advertising Deadline Dates

Advertisers: Improve your cash flow and bottom line in 2018. Two-Cylinder advertising rates are reasonable, and this is the publication readers pick up time-after-time to enjoy. Further, your ad won’t get “lost” in a paper jungle. It will be laid out professionally, with care and consideration, in a section specifically intended to contain solely advertising.