John Deere Day DVD #3

November–December 2018
November 22, 2018
John Deere Day DVD #4
November 29, 2018


Two Films

John Deere Day Show 1961 — The 25th Anniversary
Farming Frontiers 1971

Two Films: Approximately One hour, 47 minutes

John Deere Day Show 1961 — The 25th Anniversary. Approx. 87 minutes. Mostly in COLOR. This is it; the film that introduced the New Generation Tractors! The Gordon Family and Severson Implement Co. lead in to start the show, which takes you right along with the John Deere dealers that attended Deere Day in Dallas, August 30, 1960. Narration of one portion by Walter Cronkite. Aerial views and descriptions of 16 major John Deere factories. There’s a wonderful inside look at engineering and testing, plus plenty of field scenes with the new tractors and equipment. This DVD is an absolute must for any John Deere devotee; even the die-hard Two-Cylinder collector.
Farming Frontiers 1971 — Approx. 30 minutes. COLOR Strictly a bonus film that we had available, it features the New Generation Combines that came a decade after the tractors. Interviews with farmers. from around the country, and a lot of good field scenes. Ends with a short film about John Deere Chain Saws.


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