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Two-Cylinder® (ISSN 0899-2258) is the official publication of the Two-Cylinder Club® to which a Club membership is included in the annual subscription fee of $50.00 (basic level).

Winner of the Gold Award

The Two-Cylinder Club® is a nonprofit service, educational, and recreational organization, and extends an invitation of membership to individuals interested in the preservation of John Deere Tractors and Implements and their important role in our agricultural heritage. Two-Cylinder Club® Membership Benefits for only $50.00/yr. U.S. (basic level).

Members of the Two-Cylinder Club® each receive the following benefits...

Subscription to Gold Award winning Two-Cylinder® magazine which has been described as "the finest periodical in print."

FREE assistance from our team of Technical Council Representatives.

FREE "Want Ad" placement in the Classified ad section of the magazine

BIG discounts on merchandise. Some members say their discounts alone pay for their annual membership.

The Two-Cylinder Club® has held 25 Expos, famous worldwide, where the finest vintage John Deere Tractors & Implements were displayed. While looking forward to Expo 26 in 2021, Two-Cylinder continues to certify Expo-Quality vintage tractors and implements (30 years and older), as well as those in exceptional original condition (Too Good To Restore). Contact the Club office for additional details.