John Deere Day DVD #5

John Deere Day DVD #4
November 29, 2018
John Deere Day DVD #6
November 30, 2018


John Deere Classics

Murphy Delivers The Goods
The Tuttle Tugger
The Rejuvenation of Jim Knox

John Deere Classics — Three Great Old B/W Films

Murphy Delivers The Goods — 1936 (31 minutes.) A John Deere dealer delivers a new Model “A” Tractor to a farmer. Excellent explanation of service and operation.
The Tuttle Tugger — 1939 (34 minutes). A 70-year-old comedy starring Arthur Lake of Dagwood Bumstead fame. See what he does with a Model “B”! A total mishap from start to finish.
The Rejuvenation of Jim Knox — 1941 (29 minutes).Originally intended only for dealer viewing, today this film is regarded to be the most valuable half-hour lesson available to tractor collectors and restorers


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