John Deere Day DVD #4

John Deere Day DVD #3
November 29, 2018
John Deere Day DVD #5
November 29, 2018


Two Films

John Deere Day 1963
Industrial Equipment — 1960

Two Films: Approximately One hour, 55 minutes

John Deere Day 1963 — COLOR With two years under John Deere’s belt with the New Generation, this 75-minute film provides a look inside with a 4010 cutaway tractor at a dealership. The explanation of the variable-speed engine shows how the New Generation carried through with the legendary lugging power of the Two-Cylinder Tractors. There are field scenes with new implements and introductions of new products, including the 1010 Special Row-Crop Utility Tractor — one of the most collectible (and reasonably obtainable) tractors in the New Generation lineup, it was the only regular U.S.-built and sold New Generation Tractor with a steel bucket seat. To finish up, 1960s T.V. anchor Howard K. Smith narrates visits to father-and-son dealerships.
Industrial Equipment — 1960. Approximately 40 minutes. COLOR. Only Two-Cylinder Tractors are featured, including the “830” I and “840” Diesel with Hancock Scraper. Packed with footage of industrial tractors and a wide range of equipment in operation. A very significant film about the products of a fast-growing segment of the John Deere collecting hobby.


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