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Two-Cylinder Magazine

Two-Cylinder Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the Two-Cylinder Club. Every issue is jam packed with information and data about all aspects of John Deere Two-Cylinder and New Generation Tractors.

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It has been a year since staff at the John Deere Archives in Moline, Illinois, began working remotely (not physically reporting to work) due to COVID-19. The Two-Cylinder Club will be able to access records on their return to the office, but as you can imagine, the backlog of requests (orders) is quite staggering. Therefore, Two-Cylinder has made the difficult decision to no longer accept Serial Number Research Requests other than those that are affiliated with upgraded memberships or those that can be researched via electronic database at the Club office. Orders will be accepted once again when a clear path has been established to resume a “normal” request schedule. Until then, any order received that cannot be processed in-house will either have their credit card refunded online or their payment returned (if sent by mail). We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience; however, we need to make sure we are able to process the current backlog before proceeding any further. Any orders placed that require a trip to Moline, Illinois, will be cancelled and monies refunded/returned.

Below is the list of tractors that are contained on an electronic database. Because these can be done in-house, processing time is generally between two to four weeks. Please note: Shortened processing time applies only to the models listed.

  • Two-Cylinder First Numbered Series Tractors : “50” • “60” • “70” • “80”
  • Two-Cylinder “20” Series Tractors: “320” • “520” • “620” • “720” • “820”
  • Two-Cylinder “30” Series Tractors: “330” • “430” • “530” • “630” • “730” • “830” • “840”
  • Two-Cylinder Lettered Series Tractors: “A” (Unstyled) (#410000–#476222) • “B” (Unstyled) (#1000–#59999) • “AOS” • “AR”/“AO” • “D” • “G” • “GP” • “H” • “R”

Two-Cylinder will once again accept Serial Number Requests when the current backlog has been processed. Notification will be posted online. Thank you in advance for your understanding and patience.