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Dear Friends,

As everyone knows by now, we are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. COVID-19 is, for the time being, responsible for structured behavior at least into the summer, and perhaps for several months beyond. The surge of the spread will likely return as next winter approaches, so hopefully both a vaccine and effective treatments will be available by then.

The rules and limitations imposed by mid-March 2020, as this is being written, will probably get even more restrictive within the next few weeks. We don’t know if circumstances will result in some delays in the production of Two-Cylinder magazine, but most certainly the research of some tractor serial numbers will be delayed. We have many two-cylinder models available on our computer (electronic) files, but visits to the Archives (Moline, Illinois) are going to be far less frequent, and even unavailable for an undetermined period.

Our primary concern is for the good health of each of you and your loved ones. The threat of the virus will pass in time, so be please be patient and do your level best to deal with the altered way of life for a few months.

The Staff at Two-Cylinder