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Two-Cylinder Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the Two-Cylinder Club. Every issue is jam packed with information and data about all aspects of John Deere Two-Cylinder and New Generation Tractors.

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June 7, 2022

Expo XXVI Cancelled

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Let’s Go Through This One More Time…

  • This is not a push-button process, nor does it fall into the category of “instant gratification.”
  • TRACTOR SERIAL NUMBER RESEARCHES are just that. The program is designed to research tractors that have serial numbers. Component numbers (ie: engine serial numbers) CANNOT be used to “back-into” TRACTOR SERIAL NUMBERS. It does not matter how many times “I heard” or “but you used to…” this is reiterated or rephrased during the conversation, the answer is still the same. “Can’t do it.” Or, if you prefer, “Ain’t gonna happen.”• Research information is only provided on a document. It provides a clear and logical paper trail, without the chance for any misinterpretations or misunderstandings which could occur during a verbal conversation.
  • An announcement which appeared in the May–June 2009 issue stated that “The Serial Number Search Program was based on being able to produce the great majority of the documents through the use of electronic files, but the gradually shifting tide of interest in specific tractor models has instead moved away from the previous pattern. This has resulted in the need for regular trips to the Deere & Company Archives to gently page through the original Serial Number Registers for tractor production information. Also, the parameter of four to six weeks for research requiring access to the Serial Number Registers, will now be four to eight weeks in an effort to reduce the number of trips to the Archives.”

Since that announcement was published in 2009, the number of Serial Number Research Requests requiring the trip to Moline have more than quadrupled per two-month interim, and the number of people available to research, understand, and decipher the information has dropped from four to one. Obviously, this also plays a major role in processing time. The new time frame is between eight weeks (minimum) to up to 18 weeks (or possibly more) from the time the order is placed. Emailing or calling repeatedly will not expedite the process; in fact, it slows it down. If you are not willing to be patient when placing your order for researches, then this program is not for you.