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Two-Cylinder Magazine

Two-Cylinder Magazine is a bi-monthly publication of the Two-Cylinder Club. Every issue is jam packed with information and data about all aspects of John Deere Two-Cylinder and New Generation Tractors.

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Effective October 1, 2021, Two-Cylinder will once again accept all types of Serial Number Requests (both in-house and Moline-based John Deere Archives). Lead (completion) times will now range from 8–18 weeks, depending on when the research is requested. Also, the online ordering process has been modified so that additional information can be obtained, which is necessary to provide thorough and accurate researches. Be sure to select the appropriate option: New Generation or Two-Cylinder when initiating your request.

With the threat of the new COVID-19 Delta-strain variant on the horizon, there will be no guarantees for Christmas delivery this year. We will continue to offer this service as “normal” routine; however, if mandates for closings are once again imposed, Two-Cylinder will not accept Moline-based John Deere Archives requests, which led to the 18-month-long backlog previously experienced, until the mandates are lifted.