The “750” Standard Award Tractor

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John Deere built only two Standard-Tread Tractors when they created the “50” Series in 1958, which
was to be the last of the Two-Cylinder Era. These were the “850” Diesel, and “750” Standard in the
gasoline version. The “850” was brought out in 2016 as a 1:16 scale toy, and for 2017 its companion,
The “750” Standard Tractors are now in stock The toy is highly detailed, and matches the equipment of
the only original “750” Standard Tractor ever built; gasoline version, no wheel weights, regular (non Float-
Ride) black seat. The “750” Award Tractor has a regular (non Float-Ride) yellow seat, with a special foil
Award sticker applied to the decorative box.

MODEL “750”

$95.00 each
Sealed Case of Six (6): $570.00
*U.S. rates only • Canada and Foreign rates are higher

“750” Collector Toy
“750” Collector Toy - Package of 6

MODEL “750”

$125.00 each
Sealed Case of Six (6): $750.00
*U.S. rates only • Canada and Foreign rates are higher

“750” Award Toy
“750” Award Toy -
Package of 6
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“430” LP-Gas Hi-Crop

The 2008 “430” LP-Gas Hi-Crop Expo Toy is unique in configuration.
Essentially, that means that the major components — notably the body halves — are dedicated specifically to that model. This unique chassis is the “430” Hi-Crop; longer than any other Dubuque-built two-cylinder tractor.
And, what makes this toy even more difficult than usual, it is the LP-Gas version.

Details are excellent, and even go so far as to include the weld bead on the LP tank!
The front axle is set wide, and the rear wheels are reversed to provide a toy that already looks like it’s
ready to straddle wide beds of tall crops!

Only five “430” LP Hi-Crop Tractors were built by John Deere.
A tractor so rare it wasn’t even included in sales literature.
It was initially not planned for production, as the design
of the “430” Series was significantly different than its predecessor, the “420” Series.
It would not be feasible, Deere determined, to tool up to make just a small number of LP Hi-Crops;
but, in the end, they did respond to that exact handful of requests from customers.

“430” LP-Gas Hi-Crop
Expo Toy
“430” LP-Gas Hi-Crop
Expo Toy - Package of 6





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