John Deere Day DVD #23

John Deere Day DVD #21
December 1, 2018
John Deere Day DVD #24
December 1, 2018


What’s New: 1937–1942
Making Tractor History – 1941

What’s New: 1937–1942 and Making Tractor History – 1941. B/W. Bonus Length: Two hours, 45 Minutes

What’s New segments show new John Deere products introduced for each of the six years from 1937 to 1942, including the styled Models “A” and “B” Tractors. There is an extensive amount of field footage showing tractors in action.
Making Tractor History is a very interesting and informative 68-minute film that takes the viewer all the way from the Froelich, to the Waterloo Boy, to the present day (1941), including high-clearance models. Any enthusiast with an interest in pre-war tractors will really appreciate.


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