John Deere Day DVD #21

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December 1, 2018
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December 1, 2018


John Deere Day (Farming Frontiers) ‘75 and ‘76

John Deere Day (Farming Frontiers) ‘75 and ‘76. COLOR. Super-Bonus Length: Three hours, 38 Minutes

Farming Frontiers films often took a bigger step in the direction of farm technology and management; somewhat beyond that of primarily concentrating on John Deere product introductions and entertainment features, as had been the case with earlier John Deere Day presentations. Farming Frontiers ‘75 and Farming Frontiers ‘76 do exactly that by including financial considerations, farm exports, and other subjects. But, these films are crucial to the collector as they introduce the Generation II 4WD Tractors; more L&G Tractors; the latest Hillside Combine; and highly collectible utility-sized tractors (both the U.S. and Canadian versions), including the Low-Profile version for groves and orchards.


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