1989 Feature Issues — CD-ROM

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December 2, 2018
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The John Deere Model “AR” Tractor
The John Deere Model “520” Tractor
The John Deere Model “BO” Tractor
Additional Feature: Petroleum Distillate
The John Deere Model “H” Tractor
The John Deere Model “G” Tractor (Unstyled)
The 1928 John Deere Experimental Model “D” Tractor


MODEL “AR” TRACTOR: The Model “AR” was produced from 1935 to 1953. It was unstyled until 1949. From mid-1949 through to the end of production in mid-1953, the tractor was styled. This issue focuses on the 1935–1949 unstyled version.

The “AR” was originally conceived as the Model “AS”. The Decision copy was proposed by engineers Elmer McCormick and Wayne Worthington on December 12, 1934, and published on January 3, 1935.

MODEL “520” TRACTOR: The two-tone color of the “520” was described as “dramatic” in sales literature when the tractor was introduced in 1956. Indeed, the new color scheme did cause quite a stir and received a lot of attention. It is remembered that most people favored the new look with the bright splashes of yellow over that of its predecessor, the “50”. But there was more than just a change in color that set the “520” apart from its ancestors.

MODEL “BO” TRACTOR: The Model “BO” has been discussed as being possibly the most ideal John Deere Two-Cylinder for the family desiring to have only one tractor to represent their hobby. There is a great deal of logic to that opinion…

MODEL “H” TRACTOR: The “H” was made in four versions, all of which are shown on the cover. In addition to the tricycle, dual-front-wheeled “H”, the same base model was also built as an “HN”, “HNH”, and “HWH”. The “H” was never built in an “HW”, which sets it apart from the other John Deere General- Purpose Tractors of the era. Also, unlike the models “A” and “B”, the “H” was not built as a standard-tread. In other words, there was no “HR” or “HO”.

UNSTYLED MODEL “G” TRACTOR: Production of the unstyled Model “G”, the subject of this article, began in May of 1937 and continued until December of 1941. The rest of the tractors in the John Deere line, with the exception of the standard-tread Models “A” and “B”, had been styled since the 1939 model year.

1928 EXPERIMENTAL MODEL “D” TRACTOR: There were experimental “Ds” built from time to time over the 30 years of production (1923–1953), but these were usually one-of-a-kind units that focused on experimentation with one or two new features. The “XDs” of 1928 were quite a different matter — the Decision Copy tells some of the story…

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