1986 Feature Issues — CD-ROM

1985 Feature Issues — CD-ROM
December 2, 2018
1987 Feature Articles — CD-ROM
December 2, 2018


Froelich pp. 7–23
Model “C” pp. 24–86
Tricycle “GP” pp. 87–93
Early Model “A” pp. 94–129
Model “AO” (Streamlined) (“AOS”) pp. 130–137
Model “H” pp. 138–144

  • Information-packed, educational, and entertaining Feature Articles; with photos and accuracy unmatched elsewhere!
  • Each CD contains all of the Feature Articles for an ENTIRE YEAR, and is enclosed in its own unique sleeve!
  • Searchable PDF format! What does that mean? You’ll be able to easily locate specific subjects in the article, “zoom-in” on photos (in color and b/w), and print off any part (or the entire article) for your personal use.

CD-ROMS are for COMPUTER-USE ONLY and WILL NOT PLAY on traditional television or radio entertainment systems!!! Opened CDs are not eligible for refund or return. Computer System Operating Requirements: Adobe Reader 8.1.3 • Adobe Reader 9 • Windows Vista • Windows XP • Windows 2000 SP4 and higher • Mac Intel/PowerPC 10.4.11 – 10.5.6 • Mac Intel 10.4.4 – 10.4.10 • Mac PowerPC 10.4.3 – 10.4.10, and higher


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