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Model “BI” pp. 6–25
Model “820” pp. 26–51
Model “D” (1939–1953)pp. 52–75
Model “D” Crawlers pp. 76–85
Model “530” pp. 86–105
Model “M” Series pp. 106–144

MODEL “BI” TRACTOR: The Model “BI” (“B” Industrial) was introduced in 1936 to meet the specialized requirements of industrial service and road maintenance. While most of the major components of the “BI” are common to the “BR” (“B” standard tread) and “BO” (“B” orchard), which were introduced in 1935, the “BI” has many features that clearly distinguish it from them.

MODEL “820” TRACTOR: The John Deere “820” Tractor replaced the Model “80”, which in turn had replaced the Model “R”. The entire lineup, the largest of the John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors, was all powered by diesel engines. No exception. That also holds true for the tractor that replaced the “820”, the “830”.

MODEL “D” TRACTOR (1939–1953): The Model “D” was in the John Deere Tractor line longer than any other — a full 30 years. It is regarded by many to be the symbol of the Company and, indeed, is the first product that many people think of when the subject of John Deere becomes part of the conversation. But this vision of the model, the picture formed in the mind, is usually of the earlier version of the “D”. One with a spoke flywheel, perhaps, or with steel wheels. In any event, an unstyled “D”. But for nearly half of the life of the “D”, from April of 1939 to July of 1953, a period of over 14 years, the tractor was “styled.”

Since the first article on Model “D” Crawler Tractors was published in mid-1987 in a Two- Cylinder Newsletter, little new information has been uncovered. Nor has a Crawler “D” Tractor.

Two distinctly different types of “D” Crawlers were built back in the 1930s. The first was entirely a product of John Deere, being done as part of the wide-range experiment with what has become known as the “Exhibit B” Model “D” Tractors. The second was a series of tests conducted by Lindeman Power Equipment Company (alias The Lindeman Brothers) of Yakima, Washington.

MODEL “530” TRACTOR: The “530” was to have been the “550”. The Decision Copy to produce the tractor, published at the John Deere Waterloo Tractor Works on February 27, 1958, clearly specifies the “550”. It calls for the establishment of specifications for the “550” Tractor by deductions from the “520” and additions to the “550”. Serial numbers were to begin with 5500000. It wasn’t just the “530” that started this way. The same was known to be true of the “430”, “630”, “730”, and “830”; and most likely the “330” was included as well.

The “550” never made it to production. That tractor design officially became the Model “530” with a new Decision Copy published June 10, 1958. The first serial number was to be 5300000. Production ended in February 1960 with serial number 5309814.

MODEL “M” TRACTOR: The first prototype Model “M” was completed already in 1943, over three years before the first production model rolled off the assembly line. The first 20 prototypes were Model “69” Tractors with all-fuel (distillate) engines. The Model “70” prototype would later become the “M” with the familiar gasoline engine.


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