Model “435” 1:16 Scale Replica Industrial Award

November–December 2020
November 3, 2020
4430 Row-Crop Tractor
November 10, 2020


The “435” was in production for less than eleven months, spanning the 1959 and 1960 model years. After two decades of Diesel Tractor production at Waterloo, this was finally the John Deere Dubuque Tractor Works’ only Two-Cylinder Diesel intended primarily for agricultural duty. It was also Dubuque’s most powerful Two-Cylinder Tractor, with 33 horsepower at the PTO. Also, a variation of the traditional ag green-and-yellow tractors, those “435s” that left the factory painted Industrial In stock and ready to ship! The “435” Show Toy is SOLD OUT! ONLY ONE MODEL “435” TOY LEFT IN STOCK!!! Don’t miss this one!!!

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Heavy duty Float-Ride Seat.
The wide rear fenders cover the “soft”-feel tires which are mounted onto die cast “spin-out” wheels.
John Deere Industrial yellow paint scheme with “John Deere” markings on the hood sides in black. The “435” model number is black with the industrial yellow insets. The front JD emblem is black.
Special collector insert on the bottom of the tractor.

We have received notification from ERTL that the “435” Toy will be the last Award replica available through the Two-Cylinder Club. Licensed overseas manufacturing facilities will no longer set up production lines for exceptionally limited toys unless a minimum quantity is met. Two-Cylinder recognizes that over-producing toys with a limited buying market will only cause the collector value to decline. With that in mind, it has been determined that the “435” Industrial Yellow Toy will be the last Award version from the two-cylinder era. Also, please bear in mind that the 4000 Low-Profile Award Toy is the last Award version from the New Generation Era. As in most cases, when a product line is discontinued, the demand increases as those who have not purchased these units suddenly realize the need to complete their collection. The 4000 Low-Profile Show Toy is also 90% sold out while Award units are about 80% sold out.

Weight 112 oz


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