4000 Low-Profile Tractor – Sealed Case of 6

Deere & Company’s Early Tractor Development by Theo Brown
October 1, 2018
September–October 2018
November 21, 2018



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Here’s one of the rarest New Generation Tractors ever!

The 4000 Low-Profile was announced in November 1971. The 4000/4020 Series went out of production, to make way for Generation II, in mid-1972. Only 50 Low-Profile 4000 Tractors were built (verified by two line-by-line counts of the records), making it far more rare and desirable than even a 4020 Hi-Crop.

The Collector version IS SOLD OUT.

The Award version has a solid frame front axle, no rear wheel weights, no front weights, and no three-point hitch.

We have received notification from ERTL that the “435” Toy will be the last Award replica available through the Two-Cylinder Club. Licensed overseas manufacturing facilities will no longer set up production lines for exceptionally limited toys unless a minimum quantity is met. Two-Cylinder recognizes that over-producing toys with a limited buying market will only cause the collector value to decline. With that in mind, it has been determined that the “435” Industrial Yellow Toy will be the last Award version from the two-cylinder era. Also, please bear in mind that the 4000 Low-Profile Award Toy is the last Award version from the New Generation Era. As in most cases, when a product line is discontinued, the demand increases as those who have not purchased these units suddenly realize the need to complete their collection.



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