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August 17, 2018
1988 Feature Issues — CD-ROM
August 20, 2018


Please also note we are only accepting one-year renewals (for all membership levels), which went into effect September 1, 2015. We truly appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.

There is also a Customized Membership program which allows each member to customize their membership level to best fit their needs. Please refer to the information listed regarding program details. We hope that this new service will allow you to tailor your membership to suit your needs! Upgraded memberships also make wonderful gifts! Call 1 888 782-2582 today!

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Balance of Basic level will be prorated and applied to upgraded status. VIP card, Research Request order forms, and DVD order vouchers will be sent immediately when the upgraded membership is confirmed. Replacement (duplicate) DVD voucher and Research Request order forms will no longer be sent for misplaced originals. No expiration date on Research Requests or DVD vouchers; however, Research Requests must be redeemed at the same time. With renewal of upgraded membership, new order forms and order vouchers will be sent along with a current-year expiration sticker to be applied to VIP card. Cards without current sticker will not be honored at events. Lost, damaged, or misplaced cards cannot be duplicated and member will be assigned a new VIP card number. *U.S. rates only. Higher charges for foreign and Canada. Call for pricing. For questions, or to upgrade, please call: 1 (888) 782-2582 or 1 (319) 824-606.

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