Club Members seeking assistance may write, or phone during hours specified by each Technical Council Representative, to ask question( s) and get technical help or general guidance with their project. Because this service is a benefit of membership in the Club, the Representative will need to verify that the requestor is a current Two- Cylinder Club member before proceeding. Once membership has been verified the requestor may call as often as needed, without any hidden fees or charges. The Technical Council Representative makes written record of the contact, including a brief summary of their response, and forwards a copy to the person seeking assistance as well as to the Club office. Please refer to the disclaimer shown below. Representatives are shown to the right:





The assistance and information provided by the Two-Cylinder Club Technical Council is the best response available within the reasonable research or experience of the Technical Council Representative responding to the request. The information provided in responses has not otherwise been reviewed, tested, or verified by the Two-Cylinder Club. Since the Two- Cylinder Club has no control over the accuracy of stated requests, and no control over the use of the information provided, the Two-Cylinder Club, its officers and employees, accept no responsibility for the results obtained by persons using information supplied by the Technical Council and disclaim all liability for any consequential injuries or damages.




BRUCE JOHNSON, 9886 E. Fowler Road, Rochelle, IL 61068. Phone: 1 815 562- 5544 (7:00 p.m. –10:00 p.m.). E-mail:
Bruce will be focusing on questions related to Model “B” Series Tractors (styled and unstyled;row-crop, and standard-tread), and general restoration questions on all twocylinder models.

JAMES MAY, 13755 Gates Avenue, Northfield, MN 55057. Phone: 1 507 645-6965 (after 5:00 p.m.).
Jim focuses only on the Model “L” Series, and he has presented seminars on the Molinebuilt lineup.

JAMES LORENZEN, 1069 Meadow Street, Cologne, MN 55322-9098. Phone: 1 952 466-5722 (April through November: 3:30 p.m.–9:00 p.m.) (December through March: 8:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.)
James’ areas of expertise (Certificates of Merit) for Dubuque-built tractors include: Gas or diesel engine overhauls, carburetors, wiring, generators, alternators, starters, hydraulics, transmissions, clutches, diesel injection pumps and fuel system, cab, wheels, and air conditioning. Two-cylinder models include: “A”, “B”, “G”, “H”, “D”, “R”, “50”,“60”, “70”, “80”, “520”, “620”, “720”, “820”, “530” ,“630”, “730”, “830”, “M”, “MT”, “40”, “320”, “420”, “330”, “430”, and “435”. New Generation models include: 1010, 2010, 1020, 1520, 2020, 3010, 4010, 2510, 2520, 3020, 4000, 4020, 5020, 4320, 4520, 4620, and 7520.

LEE SACKETT, 421 S. Main Street, Waltham, MN 55982. Phone: 1 507 477- 3454. Hours 8:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday. E-mail (preferred): lsackett@
Lee and his restoration crew restore everything from early horse-drawn equipment, all two-cylinder tractors, and New Generation Tractors. Lee will answer technical questions on mechanical repair, body work, and painting. Lee J. Sackett and crew are known throughout the industry with their attention to detail and accuracy in restoration.





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