$$ GET PAID! $$


The minimum paycheck anyone will receive for items (including photos) published in Two-Cylinder magazine will be $10. All submitted photos (without an accompanying story) are subject to resizing to fit available magazine space and only qualify for $10.

The submitter (must be a member or in member’s immediate family) of any brief letter, question, or repair tip published will receive a check in the amount of $10. The amount for moderately lengthy letters, etc., that are published will be $15. Photos are certainly welcome additions to go along with letters and repair tips. Extra lengthy letters, etc., that are published will be rewarded with a check of $20. Extra lengthy means that the letter, after editing (we edit almost everything), occupies the overall length of at least one full column (including photos). If the letter, after editing, occupies one full page or more (with supporting photos, if necessary), the author will receive $100 per published magazine page.

Year after year, readers tell us that they enjoy letters from other readers as much as anything in the magazine. Here’s your opportunity to be published, and to attack back at the inflation that has affected all of us in one way or another. As far as being published goes, we can tell you from years of feedback that it makes family members very proud. So, don’t keep putting it off. We look forward to your participation in making Two- Cylinder magazine better than ever!


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