Two-Cylinder XXVI
The Final Farewell — A Tribute to Jack Cherry
National Cattle Congress Grounds • Waterloo, Iowa
July 14, 15, & 16, 2022

Two-Cylinder XXVI — 2022
Egos In The Way:


The announcement in the January–February 2022 issue apparently did not sit well with some Exhibitors who have received Expo-Quality and Superior Restoration Awards. While I understand that Jack evaluated and issued these awards, he was also concerned about the length of time which had transpired (Expo XXV–2015) when we were discussing the 2021 Expo. He and I talked it over and were in agreement that photos would have to be resubmitted after (then) six years, and (now) seven years of layoff. Obviously, those who have put forth the effort in time and expense to achieve these upgraded awards are also typically fastidious in maintaining the quality of the restoration. HOWEVER… Justin Kutka is now evaluating all applications, to ensure those exhibits who have achieved the Superior Restoration and Expo-Quality Awards are at the same top-notch level as when they were presented. He is a very dedicated individual who shares my viewpoint of accepting only the finest grouping of John Deere Tractors and Implements which has ever been assembled—a final tribute to Jack’s contributions to the hobby. Therefore… All applications (including Expo-Quality and Superior Restoration) will be required to include four current photos that clearly show front, rear, and both side views. And current means current. Not three years ago, not seven years ago. Current. No favoritism, no special favors; everybody gets treated equally.

And here are a few photo guidelines:

  • Get the tractor outside on a slightly overcast day. This works best to alleviate distortion from the sun’s rays.
  • Make sure the photos are in focus. Out-of-focus photos are useless when trying to look at details.
  • Quartering views are best. Four photos minimum, but feel free to send more.
  • If you have personal stickers or decals on the exhibit, don’t even bother to send in an application.

And one more note… Those who have a problem with this SIMPLE request need to draw in their egos and realize this is not about them, but a process to ensure this the best Expo ever. After the phone call I received from a previous exhibitor on February 4, I have decided that it will be the attitude of the exhibitor which will exclude them from participating in this year’s event. From past Expos, those who are difficult prior to the show do not improve once there. - Brenda Harrenstein

The Two-Cylinder Expos are recognized as the world’s premier vintage John Deere product show, and that’s entirely due to dedicated people like you who make them happen. The Two-Cylinder Club’s 26th Exposition will be celebrating The Final Farewell — A Tribute to Jack Cherry. The Expo will be held on the historic National Cattle Congress grounds, and over 80 percent of the exhibits will be indoors. Tractors with steel wheels, as well as those with large implements, will mostly be displayed outside. Tractors that are restored will be given priority over exceptional-quality unrestored tractors (Exporiginal); therefore, applications for those types of units may be delayed in acceptance until it is determined if display space is available. The Cattle Congress grounds can comfortably accommodate approximately 450 exhibits. If that limit is reached prior to the June 17, 2022, deadline, applications will no longer be accepted. Jack pioneered Expo-Quality, Superior Restoration, and Exporiginal (Too Good To Restore) Awards to recognize the achievements of those individuals who demonstrated their desire, dedication, and skills needed to take their tractors above and beyond what anyone thought possible.

In the spirit of making this a truly Concours d’Elegance event to celebrate and honor Jack’s contributions, tractors will be accepted based on their level of restoration. Those tractors which have received either a Superior Restoration Award or an Expo-Quality Award will be given higher priority over those which have not achieved that status. Justin Kutka will be handling the approval of all applications as he was, essentially, Jack’s right-hand man at the Expos for many years. Justin will be evaluating all applications, to ensure those exhibits who have achieved the Superior Restoration and Expo-Quality Awards are at the same top-notch level as when they were presented. All applications (including Expo-Quality and Superior Restoration) will be required to include four current photos that clearly show front, rear, and both side views. Unfortunately, there is one more step to complete in the application process, as signed COVID hold-harmless agreements will be required before the Exhibitor/Swap Meet vendor will be allowed access to the grounds. These agreements will be sent out at the end of June 2022 along with check-in instructions to all approved Exhibitors.

And on the subject of applications and the approval process… Justin Kutka has graciously offered to handle the tedious and painstaking task of evaluating the potential exhibits for Expo XXVI. However… he is a husband, a father of two young boys, holds a full-time job, and has family commitments. While he is, and always as been, a dedicated Club member, this is not his primary job. Therefore, it will take some time to receive confirmation or denial. Applications will be coordinated at Club Headquarters until there are enough to forward them to him via a delivery service. Justin and I (Brenda) will consult on any exhibit in which there may need to be additional information obtained before making a decision. The applications will then be sent back to Club Headquarters and processed accordingly. Approved Exhibitors will receive a copy of their application(s), along with a form in which to provide the size T-shirt they need, and instructions if they desire to purchase one for their Associate. There will also be a Press and Photo Release which will need to be signed and returned to Club Headquarters.

Exhibitors will be presented an Exhibitor T-shirt at no charge, and their associate will be given the option to purchase one, if desired. Exhibitor T-Shirts will be exclusive in color, different from that which is now being offered for purchase to the general public. Two-Cylinder Staff will also be assigned a unique color, so they will be clearly visible and easily identified during setup and the event. There will also be a Participation Award presented which will be similar to the one issued in 2014. The official Show Tractor for Expo XXVI is the 4430 Row-Crop, and the owner has graciously confirmed that this ultra-rare original-condition tractor will be exhibited at Two-Cylinder Club Expo XXVI — The Final Farewell.

Toy manufacturing facilities in China have enforced production minimums and stipulations that no longer allow Two-Cylinder to produce an Award version of the Show unit. This has slowly been progressing since 2014, and in 2018 the final Award toy was produced (4000 Low-Profile). While this may be a disappointment to some of you, careful study of Award toy sales confirms that very few Exhibitors have elected to voluntarily continue their Award collection on their own. If this is something that is important to you and is a determining factor in attending this event, please make that decision prior to requesting an application.

We are planning on an outdoor Swap Meet which will be held on hard surface for vendors that have tractors, parts, tires, etc., and an Indoor Swap Meet for those who have weather-sensitive products.

As always, there will be a good assortment of food, snacks, and beverages (all reasonably priced) on the grounds, along with several indoor restrooms. The swap meet area is adjacent to the exhibit area, and across from Club Headquarters located in the Pepsi Pavillion, which is an air-conditioned facility.

There are no plans to have an auction as the main focus for this event is to showcase the finest display of John Deere Tractors and related equipment. Discussion with Cattle Congress officials is ongoing regarding additional on-site venues. Additionally, discussions are underway with the City of Waterloo and the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce to allow the opportunity for a parade as the event is winding down. Most likely, it will start around 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and will close the event. We’ll keep you posted as nothing has been finalized at this time.

Tickets will be available online, directly from the National Cattle Congress website. Admission is $10 for adults and $7 for children age 10 – 18. Children under the age of 10 will be admitted at no charge. Again, details with be forthcoming.

Applications are available; please call Club Headquarters at (319)824-6060 to request yours. In order to make certain that applicants are current Two-Cylinder Club members, online downloads will not be offered. Any person who is not a Club member as of 1 January 2022, will not have the opportunity to exhibit. This is to ensure that only those who have been long-standing members which have supported Jack Cherry and this organization to make it what it is today qualify to participate as Exhibitors and Swap Meet Vendors. While this may seem unfair, there have been many instances in the past where participants have signed up as members only to use the Expos for self-serving needs and then dropped their membership once the event has passed.

Pre-orders for T-Shirts are now being accepted. T-Shirts will only be ordered if minimum (supplier) requirements are met. T-Shirts will not be offered at the show as T-Shirt sales are very time-consuming and T-Shirts are difficult to transport and store. There will be no delivery of pre-ordered T-Shirts to the event. These will be available only as a mail-order item and must be ordered by calling the Club.


Regular Short-Sleeve T-Shirts — $25.00

Adult Regular sizes *XS-2XL

• Bella+Canvas® T-shirt is constructed from a 4.2-oz, 52/48 cotton/polyester blend, solid white, sueded jersey.
• Each T-shirt features a crewneck collar, set-in sleeves and a self-fabric hem.
• Complete with shoulder taping, a retail fit and reinforced side seams.
• If the wearer prefers a close-fit, order true to size. If a looser fit is preferred, it is recommended to size up.

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