JULY 2022

Expo 26 will be postponed until 2022. There are two possible dates now penciled-in at the site of the Expo, the same National Cattle Congress location where the Expos have been held since 2007. The grounds are located directly across a wide intersection from the John Deere Foundry in Waterloo, where the cover photo for that issue of the magazine was taken.

The two possible dates being held are July 14–16 and July 21–23, 2022. We currently do not have a preference. Eventually, one of the dates will be eliminated by the Cattle Congress as something else is scheduled to take place, or by Two-Cylinder if we receive an overwhelming preference of one of them over the other from readers. In that case, we will get back to Cattle Congress management and lock-in on a specific schedule. The schedule will also include two days prior to the Expo opening to the public, which are used for setup by Exhibitors and Swap Meet Vendors.

A lot has to happen between now and then. First and foremost, the virus has to reach a level of “herd immunity.” Progress on that effort is currently unsatisfactory, so we’ll all be watching. Meanwhile, please do your very best to stay safe.

The PREMIER John Deere Tractor and Equipment Event which showcases the finest restorations and unique tractors/equipment in the world!

There will be several informative seminars, but we won’t be turning it into a mostly sit-down educational event. There will be a lot of homecoming-style socializing. As usual, food will be allowed at the seminars.

Almost all exhibits will be in the comfort and safety of indoors, with the exception of those who prefer to be on turf in the tree-shaded areas outdoors. Around-the-clock security is provided on the completely fenced-in grounds, including a professional night watchman who knows every inch of the place.

A good portion of the Swap Meet will be indoors, protected from any weather that might come along. Indoor restrooms; absolutely. And good meals prepared in kitchens right there on the grounds, not in vendor trailers.

Obviously, after seven years, there will be some new faces. At Expo XXV in 2015, we found it very gratifying to have some young, first-time exhibitors along with the seasoned veterans. And the quality of their restorations was phenomenal! Those of you reading this, who were there, know exactly what we’re talking about. It is our hope that a whole new generation of John Deere Tractor and Equipment enthusiasts will carry on in the years to come. As seniors retire from the activity, there needs to be someone with that same level of long-term dedication to take their place.

The Two-Cylinder Club recognizes the great effort and financial sacrifice made in creating or acquiring a fine piece of vintage John Deere machinery.

Several years ago, the Club created three Special Awards for this purpose: Certified Expo Quality, for exhibits that truly resemble factory-new quality inside and out; Superior Restoration, for the relatively small number of exhibits that have extraordinary attention paid to every detail of restoration; and Exporiginal, for exhibits in extraordinary original condition and are worthy of being called, “Too Good To Restore.” Obviously, the Award Certification efforts will be ongoing at the Expo.

As always, participants (Exhibitors and Swap Meet Vendors) must be members of the Two-Cylinder Club; people who receive Two-Cylinder magazine are members. Participants will also be admitted to the Expo at no charge, as will Club members with Gold or Platinum Membership Cards. To spread it out and allow plenty of time to apply to be an Exhibitor or Swap Meet Vendor, we’re planning to start to accepting applications as early as June 2020.