John Deere Model “70” LP-Gas Hi-Crop with John Deere Killefer 6XH Offset Disk Harrow.
The cut-out disk blades on this harrow provided more aggressive cutting, while plain blades provided a
smoother finish. Donaldson, Louisiana. April 1955.

The John Deere–Killefer “H” Series Harrows are wheel-carried harrows that not only did a good job of disking, but were easy to transport from job to job. An offset type of harrow with gangs set at a fixed angle, the “H” Series was sturdy and built for many years of service. Heavyduty disk blades; anti-friction or white-iron bearings; proper weight distribution for deep, end-toend penetration; ample clearance; and rubber-tired depth-gauge wheels were all features that assured top-notch performance.

A touch on the hydraulic control lever was all it took to raise the harrow for transporting on its rubber-tired wheels. That was a significant feature in the mid-1950s, and it was especially appreciated by orchard owners. The hitch was able to be offset to either the left or right as well, permitting close disking to tree trunks while the tractor was avoiding low-hanging branches.

“H” Series Harrows were ideal for difficult jobs such as tearing down irrigation borders, old beds, and furrows. The “H” Series was available in four different sizes… The 5H at 5-1/4 feet of cutting width, 6H at 6 feet, 6XH at 6-3/4 feet, and the 7H at 7-1/2 feet. Disks, spaced nine inches apart, were available in 20-, 22-, and 24-inch diameters. Harrow weight varied from 1242 to 1912 pounds.


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