were being run around the factory for a mile or two to check the function of the system, and to check for leaks. Finding 621 of them when looking through over 50,000 records felt light to me, because the tractors were almost always present. To the owner/collector wanting a smaller number, I can say that the figures and the abbreviations in the miscellaneous column are not “certified.” In other words, a lot more investigation will be necessary before confidence can be assured.

Such an investigation will involve checking the serial numbers of known PFWD-equipped tractors against the Ledgers. Some of this has already been done, and so far all of them have been a match. During another research trip, possibly by the time you read this, the 3020s will be counted.

Owners of 4020 Standard Tractors and 4020s equipped with PFWD may want to get a Serial Number Research. Tractors this scarce and valuable deserve a “pedigree.” Doing a complete research from scratch will involve using both theappropriate Serial NumberRegister and what we will call, for lack of a better name, the “Duplicate Register,” even though it’s anything but a duplicate. This cross-referencing research will be more time consuming, and therefore will cost a little more. It will also only be available with some added help from the person requesting the research. For New Generation Tractors factory equipped with PFWD, and for 1969 and later Waterloo-built New Generation Tractors built as a Standard, we will need for the owner to specifically state that fact. Only then can we proceed with a thorough search of the records. Without an accurate description of the tractor, we can only assume that the tractor is not equipped with PFWD, and that it is not a Standard. The cost of this research is being set at $50.00, plus $9.00 per order (no matter how many researches are ordered) for reinforced shipping of the document(s).

For those people who already have a Research Document for a tractor as described above, we will do the additional research and provide a new document for just $15.00. The earlier document will need to be returned. The same shipping charge of $9.00 applies.

At long last, the information so many John Deere enthusiasts have been seeking is available. Not only will they be able to have their PFWD and Standard Tractors certified, but they will have an additional item of information that had not been accessible for Waterloo tractors since the 1950s; the actual build date.



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